Private Sessions with Gary Rosenthal

A web page such as this is inadequate to provide an overview of individual sessions, speak to process-related matters, or help you to know if the work I offer would be right for you now, or for someone you know. But if you are interested in exploring the possibility of doing individual sessions, or in seeing if we might be a good fit, I’d welcome hearing from you. You can contact me by email or reach me at 510-232-8701.

What I can say here is that I work out of my home in the Richmond hills, near Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. The location is about 10 minutes from North Berkeley, 20 minutes from San Rafael, and 25 minutes from the Mission district of San Francisco.  (These are non-commute times; generally I can schedule sessions that avoid the most congested traffic.)

I also do phone sessions with clients from other parts of the world, or when my local folks are on tight schedules and would prefer just to dial me up. (I also do sessions on Skype or I Chat).

Fees are on a sliding scale --please inquire-- and I trust people to place themselves on this scale where they intuitively feel they belong. I also keep room in my practice for people who presently can't afford my normal rates. In these times of economic hardship especially, it's important to me that my work remains available, and not just for the well heeled.

But whether or not you’re in the market for individual sessions, I hope some of this site’s content speaks to you in an evocatively useful way.